Believers' Life Center  


Pastor Lee Capehart was born in the small town of Graceville, FL.  Through his humble beginnings, and being the second to the youngest of 7 siblings, he learned the essence of family.  Being reared in church Pastor Lee's heart was trained early for the love of people. 


Beginning with 10 members in 1999, Pastor Lee Capehart has continued in obedience of God and has witnessed the ministry grow to more than 600 members.  Now planted in the heart of Pensacola, FL his goal is to expand to an even greater level by reaching out to the inner city and spreading the good news of God.


Pastor Lee is the epitome of a pastor.  His drive and zeal for the word of God and the outstanding desire for God’s people to live in the promises of God are the driving force behind this thriving ministry.


He is married to Dr. Yvonne Capehart and is the father of two boys, Britton and Brandon, a daughter by love Lysheena Capehart and 3 grandchildren, Jordin, Jayla and Jalia.  They have been a dedicated first family to the Believers Life Center since its inception.

Pastor Lee Capehart,

Senior Pastor & Founder